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Class 2- Dragon

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Welcome to Dosborth Ddraig taught by Mrs Lewis and Miss Penhale. We are a class of Year 1 and 2s. We love working both inside and outside and complete lots of activities linked to pupil voice in the classroom. Please scroll down to see some of the fun things we do!

2020-2021 - term focuses

Welcome to Dosbarth Ddraig!

What have we been up to?

What we have been up to...

The children of Dosbarth Ddraig have had an exciting start to the year. We have had lots of special people who help us in such as police officers, firefighters, paramedics, a midwife, someone to teach us some makaton and many more coming up!

We have learnt lots about the people who help us in the community and beyond.

We are working hard on learning our letters and sounds in Phonics, completing lots of Maths work such as place value and adding and subtracting numbers, we have learnt how to create a map showing what is in our local village and also using the computer to create our own people who help us animations. During our topic day we loved dressing up as people who help us and completed lots of fun activities including cooking, craft and much more! We have lots of fun in Class Dragon!

2023- 2024 Topics




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Travel and Transport

Light and Dark

By the Seaside


See some of the information for each topic that we are covering this year!
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Parent leaflets

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Homework grids

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Our fantastic work

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