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Class 3 - Griffin

Dosbarth Griffin is taught by Years 3 and 4 by Mr and Mrs Clarke. Please take a look at the exciting things we do in Class!

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2023-2024 - Topics




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To Infinity and Beyond

Tomb Raiders

Dungeons and Dragons

What the Griffins have been up to...

This term Dosbarth Griffin are learning all about Mexico. We have been exploring where Mexico is in the world using digital globes and atlases and have been learning about the Aztecs, how they lived, their traditions and some of their scary rituals! Also, we have had a super exciting trip to Cadbury World in Birmingham where we learnt more about chocolate and how it is made. It was a super delicious trip and we had LOADS of tasty fun! 


See some of the information for each topic that we are covering this year!
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Parent leaflets

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Homework grids


Our fantastic work

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