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Our fantastic work


What the Griffins have been up to...

We have been researching the Aztecs and writing some fast facts in our ‘Chilli Challenge Got to Job’,  we have been learning about the beautiful Mexican flower – the poinsettia and are sketching and using watercolours to paint our own. We have learnt about the Aztec pyramids and looked at different photos to help us create
our own using the Lego.


We have been like Collaborative Carys groups and used the Aztec small world to create our own animations. PC Sweetman has also been to visit us; she helps teach about ways to keep safe. We joined author Kita Mitchell live, she read from her book and talked to us about how we can all protect our environment.

We made delicious chocolate cakes to celebrate National Chocolate Day and had fun using the chocolate play dough to design and make our own chocolates – we absolutely loved using it! We have used globes, atlases, and digital globes to locate Mexico, its neighbouring countries, its capital city, and major river.

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